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The Upcycled Art Movement

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If you are looking for a unique piece of art for your house, you should look into purchasing some upcycled art. Upcycling art is part of a movement to convert old material that one may traditionally discard into something useful, beautiful and inventive. Upcycling Is Not Necessarily New A lot of the media coverage surrounding upcycling makes it seem like something that was just recently created. However, one could argue that upcycling really started in the 1930s through the 1940s. Read More»

Three Birthday Party Ideas For Energetic Children

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If your child and his or her friends are high-energy and always bouncing off the walls, the idea of having 8 or 10 of them over to your home for a birthday party might be a little intimidating. Instead of hosting the party at home, consider taking the children to one of the following activities. Invite parents to stay for the party, so they can help you keep the little ones under control. Read More»