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How A Projector Can Make Your Child's Birthday Party Special

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If you have a younger child, chances are good that he or she is going to want a destination birthday party. An ideal situation is that you would be able to take your child and all of his or her friends to an amusement park or to the movies. The reality is that you might not have the funds on hand for such an elaborate birthday party. Luckily, there are some easy ways to make your child's birthday party memorable without shelling out huge amounts of money for tickets. One way to make your child's birthday party memorable is to rent a video projector. Here's what you can do with the projector.

1. Have a Video Game Tournament

One option for your child's birthday party that utilizes a projector is to hold a video game tournament. Send out invitations that tell the parents of the children you invite the types of games that you are going to be playing and invite them to bring their own games. Make sure that you set a video game rating threshold in order to make sure that you are not inadvertently allowing children to play video games that their parents do not let in the house. Use your projector to project the video games that are being played onto a blank wall in front of an area that has a lot of space for kids to hang out, or if such a wall doesn't exist, hang a taut bed sheet in order to create the white, flat surface that you need. Create a tiered video game tournament bracket and make sure that you have prizes for each child that comes in first, second, and third place in all of the video games that you play, as well as for auxiliary prizes such as most creative fighting style or most points. Print out cool certificates.

2. Create a Home Theater

Another option is to use the projector to create a home movie theater. Set up folding chairs or piles of beanbag chairs in front of the blank wall or bed sheet. Have two or three movies underneath a certain movie rating threshold and allow your child and his or her friends to vote on the movie or movies that they want to watch. Set up a buffet of snacks in the back of the room and have board games available for children who don't feel like watching the movie to occupy themselves while the movie is being played. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in audio visual rentals, like Event Planning by Center Stage AV.