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Lighting Tips To Help Transform Your Wedding Space

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Every aspect of your wedding should be stunning, from the bride's gown to the venue. Make sure your lighting is also following this same theme. In some cases, your lighting design can actually transform your wedding or reception from average to amazing. Here are a few things you want to consider when choosing your lighting design for your special day.


When it comes to lighting styles, there are a near limitless number of options. However, when it comes to choosing the right style, the layout of your venue is most important. For example, in an open, large venue space that will hold the wedding and the reception, a pin spot light style would be a great addition. Pin spot lighting allows you to highlight a specific area while leaving the other spaces dark.

Given this example, you could have a pin spot light on you and your partner during the ceremony so that the rest of the space remains dark and unseen until the ceremony is over and the reception is to begin. Another idea are gobos. Gobos are basically light stencils. They can be designed in a number of different patterns and designs. If you aren't using centerpieces for your reception tables, casting a gobo light on each table is a great way to add a unique design element.   


In terms of color, lighting plays an important role because it's a great way to inject color into your venue space. For example, a bland white reception design can quickly be brought to life with soft blue or rose light diffused throughout the space. When choosing color options, don't just consider your ceremony colors, but the natural colors around the space also.  

For example, a wedding held in a venue with large picture windows showing the sunset, would be best complimented with soft lighting in golden tones, like orange and yellow. It's also important to note that adding color to the venue space with lighting is a great way to add color subtly, without the fear of the color being overbearing or overpowering. A soft light cast in red or purple is much less overpowering than a bold red or purple tablecloth or large formal arrangement in the space.

Working with your venue coordinator to express your lighting goals and wishes can ensure your day is memorable. After all, it's all about making you and your partner happy. For more tips, contact a company like Rosebud Mercantile wedding venue.