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Why A DJ Works Better For A Wedding Than A Live Band

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During a wedding, one of the hardest decisions to make is whether you should use a DJ or a live band. While you might think a DJ can provide more variety, you'd be surprised at how many songs you can request to have played by a DJ. However, unless you know a live band that is exceptionally good, there are several reasons why a DJ is usually a better choice.

DJs are Less Predictable

With a live band, you do not know what to expect. Since the music is performed live, the band may simply not be feeling it today. Also, the band may perform great when they provide you with a pre-wedding demonstration, but may have nerves get to them on the big day. In contrast, the songs played by the DJ are pre-recorded and you'll know what to expect.

DJs are More Affordable

If you ever wonder why some weddings cost an enormous amount, simply look at who is on stage. Bands can be very expensive. Also, the less money you spend, the less likely you'll be getting a worthwhile band.

They Can Play Anything

Even though live bands can play requested songs, there are limitations to what they can do based on their vocal abilities, available instruments and their knowledge of the song. In contrast, a DJ can play virtually any song that you can imagine. If you have an obscure taste in music, you can simply provide the songs you want to the DJ. Guests love DJs because part of the fun is in having the song you requested begin blaring on the speakers.

They Can Play In Any Venue

The most successful DJs have a range of equipment setups to allow them to play music at almost any event. A live band may sound great at a reception, but not work as well during cocktail hour. Band setup is simply more complex.

It's Easier to Choose a DJ

The process of choosing a DJ is much easier. You can simply ask to listen to a specific song on the DJ's equipment. Also, you'll want to consider whether you like the DJ's personality. With the live band, on the other hand, you have to consider the vocals, preparedness and repertoire when choosing which band you want to use. If the band does not provide enough variety, the guests can quickly become bored.

Your First Dance Song Will Be More Authentic

When you play your first dance song, you can have the song sung by the original rather than having a different-sounding rendition performed by the band. Even if you do go with a band, you may wish to ask the band to step to the side and play the original song.

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