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Three Birthday Party Ideas For Energetic Children

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If your child and his or her friends are high-energy and always bouncing off the walls, the idea of having 8 or 10 of them over to your home for a birthday party might be a little intimidating. Instead of hosting the party at home, consider taking the children to one of the following activities.

Invite parents to stay for the party, so they can help you keep the little ones under control.

1. Go-karting

Driving a go-kart does not sound like it would take a lot of energy, but you'll be surprised how much energy the kids expend zooming around the track. They'll get into competitions with each other, try to beat their best lap times, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Many go-kart facilities regularly hold birthday parties, so call around and see whether one in your area has a party room where you can have cake and ice cream after the kids are done racing.

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2. Disc Golf

Take your child and his or her friends to a local disc gold course. Even if they're not interested in playing competitively, they can run from obstacle to obstacle and try their hands at throwing their discs into the baskets. This is a great option for kids who like to be outdoors, since disc golf courses are spacious and allow them plenty of room to run. Parents can participate too, and in most cases you'll pay nothing, or very little, to gain access to the course as many are found in public parks.

3. Miniature Golf

If the wide-open atmosphere of a disc golf course does not sound quite right for your group of kids, consider taking them to a mini-golf course instead. They'll like the fun obstacles, and since they're always moving from obstacle to obstacle, they'll stay active and entertained. If the weather is yucky, look for an indoor miniature golf facility. Many also have arcades, where kids can play their favorite games. Stop by a local ice cream shop to celebrate with sundaes after your mini golf challenge.

No matter where you host your child's party, here are a few tips to keep energetic kids under control:

  • Schedule the party for the evening, when kids are more tired.
  • Play simple games, such as having the kids go around in a circle and recall a memory of the birthday boy or birthday girl, when there is downtime.
  • If you don't think parents will be able to stay with the kids, invite a few of your adult friends along to help you supervise.

Have a great party, and take lots of pictures. A birthday with friends is an occasion your child will recall fondly for the rest of his or her life.